Brent Abel's
How To Consistently Hit A High Bouncing Topspin 2nd Serve
WITHOUT The Fear of Double Faulting OR Having It Sit Up For The Returner 
Taught by Brent Abel
10 National USA Senior Titles in Singles & Doubles
3 USA World Cup Teams
45 Years Coaching / Teaching
Founder 1999
Founder "What's The Right Shot?"
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This topspin serve technique I teach has helped me win 10 national USA age group titles so far
in both singles & doubles.

The Stow Method works for any skill level player
even if you've struggled like crazy to figure out
the swing mechanics for your topspin serve.

Here's how you can finally hit a high quality topspin serve that eliminates the fear of double faults AND consistently produces a high bouncing kick serve.

You don't need tons of on-court practice time to go from zero to hero because the Stow Method is a simple
3 step teaching system for all skill levels.
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