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Who Is Brent Abel ?

Hi!  What's going on out there today!?!  Hope you're having a tremendous day so far ;-)

Here's a little background on me ...

I was born and raised in Berkeley CA and spent a ton of time at the Berkeley Tennis Club as a kid ... swimming ;-)

I played some tennis when I was growing up, but baseball was my #1 love all the way through high school.

I finally got serious about tennis when I was in my early 20s.

I entered my first "B" tournament soon after and got beat 6-0, 6-0 by a guy who I regularly practiced with at the BTC.  Bill Stegge and I played a couple of times a week.  We split those matches.  And then I completely panicked when we played in that first tournament.

That was a humiliating experience to say the least.  My solution was to enter as many tournaments as possible in hopes of overcoming those nerves that made me play as if I'd never picked up a racket before.

It worked.  And if you struggle with nerves or playing tight in matches that count, just dive in and put yourself out there as often as possible and you'll eventually start to relax and play up to your normal skill level.

I'd been teaching some private lessons to some local folks on their private tennis courts to earn some money.  I look back on those lessons and shudder when I remember the stuff I was trying to teach.  Just old cliches that didn't help any of my students!

Just like my tennis game then, my teaching skills were a total hack.  No clue what I was doing ...

In 1978 I somehow landed the head pro job at the Moraga CC in northern CA and continued spewing those old teaching tennis teaching cliches to club members.

Thankfully they didn't know any better, so it sure seemed like I knew what I was doing ;-)

And then I hired my first assistant pro, Doug King, who had just graduated from Cal Berkeley after playing #1 there.  Doug was clearly a top player.

At the Moraga CC back then, we had two teaching courts side by side, and after about a month I noticed that Doug's students were all getting tangibly better while my students weren't!

It turned out that Doug was part of a 3 player group being coached by legendary tennis professional Tom Stow (coached Don Budge to the 1938 Grand Slam).

I begged my way into that group who met Tom every Wednesday from 9am - noon.

Over the next 18 months during 1981-1982, Mr. Stow completely changed my game into what he called "The All-Court Forcing Game".

In 1984 it paid off as I won my first national age group title - the 1984 35s Hardcourt Doubles with Rob Olson.

I'll never forget that moment after we won match point in the finals.  All I wanted to do was call Mr. Stow and thank him for everything he'd given me, but unfortunately for me and the rest of the tennis world, Tom had passed away in 1983.

So that victory in 1984 was somewhat bitter sweet, but I knew from that day on that Mr. Stow had given me something that I had to pass along to my current and future students.

As of this writing (April 2017) I've been fortunate to win 6 more national titles - the 2009 national 60s hardcourt singles and 5 national Husband-Wife titles (3 on clay, 1 hardcourt, & 1 grass).

I've also been darn lucky to have taught the "Stow Method" in the San Francisco Bay Area at the Tiburon Peninsula Club and the California Tennis Club.

I retried from club teaching in 2005 so that I could devote all of my time to, my online tennis instructional website.  I originally got the domain in 1999, so I've been teaching online for the past 18 years.  It's been a wonderful way to pass along my knowledge of tennis to over 20,000 students.  The internet ... wow ;-)

I originated the online tennis instructional format called "What's The Right Shot?" for DOUBLES which is a unique method to help students better under their shot best choice based on the court positions of all 4 players at any given time.

At this time, "WTRS?" episodes are free.  The archive is here.

My wife Mai and I now spend the winters in the CA desert at our home in the Mission Hills CC in Rancho Mirage (the background of this page is a pic of the grasscourts which are a 45 second walk from our home!) and the summers in the Bay Area in Moraga CA.  

Colorado is my 2nd home (went to private boarding high school in Colorado Springs), so we hang out there in the fall - usually in Steamboat Springs.

I've got 3 incredible kids, daughters, who keep their Dad on his toes at all times!  

I'm the first to admit that I'm an insanely lucky man as a husband, a Dad, a coach, and an avid tennis competitor ...


I'd love to have the opportunity to help you with your tennis game.

I offer several individual stroke technique courses, doubles and singles strategy courses, and private one-on-one online (Skype, conference call, webinar, etc.).  My list of courses are here.

If you ever have a question about your game, just shoot me an email to  I'd love to hear from you.

You can also find me over at:

What's The Right Shot?


WTRS? Facebook Group


As always, come on now, you gotta get out there today and help someone else have a spectacular day !


The real reason we win national titles is that person on the left, my wife Mai ;-)
Darn lucky to be their Dad ;-)
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