-- 3 Simple Steps --
How To Drive Your Underspin Slice Backhand
So That It Doesn't FLOAT or SIT UP ...
This $97 offer also includes my slice FOREHAND instructional course.
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ONE TIME OFFER - $17: Lots of players "peek" just before they make contact with their shot. They take a look 'up' to prematurely see the result of thenir shot &/or to see where their opponent is. Peeking destroys your stroke technique AND your confidence. It becomes a bad habit. I've got a video that shows you what Tom Stow taught me about how to break that bad habit, and instead replace it with what we see Federer do ... keep your eyes right there through contact so that your stroke technique gets to finish correctly. Normally $77, you can get my "No More Peeking" video for just $17. Just click the box by the red button above and it'll get added to your order.

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