Brent's 'All Lessons Package' - ALP
You get access to ALL of my instructional courses 
PLUS ALL future courses - at no additional cost.
UPDATE - Nov 2018!  Don't buy the ALP.  

I'm shifting to a different model that'll be a way better environment
for you to change those areas of your game you most want to clean up.

I'll be announcing the NEW "WTRS?" members area soon - be patient ;-)
Here's what you get when you become an ALP student ...
  • One Time Enrollment Fee - pay one time up front, get immediate access to ALL courses, and you'll also get access to all future courses.  
  • ALP Student Area - all of the individual courses shown below are conveniently accessed directly from inside the ALP student login area.
  • A 30 Minute Private One-on-One Coaching Call with Brent - when you become an ALP student, you're entitled to a private one-on-one coaching call with Brent.
    We can discuss anything about your game.  The call is recorded and sent to you for your future reference.  
    You may order additional 30 minute one-on-one private coaching calls with Brent at the ALP student discount of just $50 (normally $97 for non ALP players).
  • Courses ...
  • Serve - 1st, Topspin Power Bounce, Slice ($97)
  • Return of Serve ($97)
  • Transitional 1/2 Volleys ($97)
  • Forehand & backhand Slice Approach Shots ($97)
  • Volleys ($97)
  • Overhead ($97)
  • Topspin Forehand Groundstroke ($97)
  • One-Handed Topspin Backhand Groundstroke ($97)
  • Two-Handed Topspin Backhand Groundstroke ($97)
  • Forehand & Backhand Underspin Slice Groundstrokes ($97)
  • Topspin & Slice Lobs ($97)
  • Grips - Continental, Eastern FH & BH, Semi & Full Western ($47)
  • Singles Serve & Volley Strategies ($97)
  • Doubles Shot Choices & Player Court Positioning ($97)
  • Mental Skills required For Competitive Tennis Players ($47)
  • The Tom Stow Tennis Teaching System ($47)
  • Tennis / Golfer's Elbow Self-Treatment Program ($67)
  • Plantar Fasciitis Self-Treatment Program ($67)
  • Non ALP Players Paid Webinars & Coaching Calls ($27)
  • ALL Future Courses ...! (priceless !)
  • If you were to buy all of these courses, one private coaching call, and one webinar individually, you'd pay $1,613 ...
  • But as an ALP student, your one-time enrollment fee for EVERYTHING listed above PLUS all future courses ... is just $497 - a 70% discount!
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